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Services we offer

Tune-Up Services

Basic Tune-Up


We adjust cables, brakes, and bearings, as well as checking all bolts on your bike. An on-bike wheel true is included, tires are pumped up, and your chain is lubricated.

Full Tune-Up


This is a more comprehensive set of adjustments to your bike. Cables, brakes, and bearings are adjusted, wheels are fully trued, tires are pumped up, and chain is lubricated. 

For additional parts installation, we will charge for the cost of the part, but will not charge additional labor costs.

Complete Overhaul


Your bike will be completely disassembled, degreased, cleaned, and then re-packed with fresh grease and bearings. Once reassembled, your bike will get the Full Tune-Up. 

It’s a complete cleaning and rebuilding from the frame up!

Other Repairs

Flat Fix - $25

We will install a new tube to get you back rolling right away. That $25 includes: tube, labor, and tax!*

*Electric bikes, 29ers, internally-geared hubs, BMX bikes, folding bikes, and others may require an additional charge.

Wheel True - $29.99

Is your wheel wobbly? Bring it on in and we’ll take care of that. We’ll remove the wheel from your bicycle, check for tension, give it a lateral and radial true, asses the dishing of the wheel, and reinstall it.

E-Bike Service

We are happy to service electric bikes! E-Bike services are at a higher rate than standard bicycle services. 

  • We offer full service to brands we sell in-store, servicing electrical and mechanical components. 
  • We only offer mechanical service (work on tires, tubes, chains, drivetrain, brakes, etc.) to e-bike brands that we do not carry in store. 
    • We can not offer electrical repairs on e-bike brands that we do not sell.

Additional Notes:

  • Customers will be asked to take battery home on any e-bike brands we do not sell.
    • this is to avoid any confusion that we may or may not service electrical component, and to avoid the hazards of storing batteries in unknown conditions.
  • We do not handle warranty claims for "Direct to Consumer" bikes, that is the customer's responsibility.
  • We can fully service any non-electric bike from a DTC brand.