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Our Community

We believe that our shop is a platform to support our community.

As such, we have several major sponsorship commitments, and make smaller donations throughout the year to worthy causes. Below you can find a list of the organizations we directly support, along with some orgs and projects that we think you should know about because they're rad!

If you have an project, event, or organization in mind that you think we should support, please email As much as we’d like to, we can’t say yes to every request, but we will do our best to help in some way.

Organizations We Sponsor

New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation

The New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation (NCAT) promotes walking, biking, and all active forms of transportation as healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly.

NCAT believes education should be free, widely available, and include all forms of active transportation to meet the needs of school students, residents, employees, public safety officials, and visitors in the City of New Haven.


rock to rock logo

Rock 2 Rock

From West Rock to East Rock, these 5-mile, 12-mile, 20-mile, 40-mile, and metric century routes explore our community’s parks and greenspaces, back roads and city streets, city neighborhoods and small towns. Along the way, we listen to great music, eat tasty food, and enjoy a beautiful spring day.

Rock to Rock riders raise support for more than 30 local groups and have raised over 1.5 million dollars in the last 11 years — all doing high-impact work to create a healthier, greener community.

Rock 2 Rock

CCAP logo


The CCAP wants to make a young people's lives better through the sport of cycling. The sport of cycling teaches children or young adults a wealth of values, social skills and mindsets that help them become successful in every aspect of their life. The CT Cycling Advancement Program ensures that young adults enter the sport and have a clear avenue to develop as far as their ambition, skills and abilities can take them. We believe that the success of these young athletes benefits not only the regional cycling community, but also the collective community.

The CCAP believes that the program’s success will result in the following:
Our sport, our youth, and our entire community is healthier, happier and more successful.
Our State’s cycling initiative becomes a model for the rest of the country.
Connecticut becomes known for its natural beauty, its healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, and its sports and business friendly environment.


connecticut roller derby logo

CT Roller Derby

CTRD is Connecticut's premier all-female flat track roller derby league.

Founded in 2006, CTRD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that:

-Operates as a financially sustainable non-profit all-female flat track roller derby league that fosters community, sportswomanship, and athleticism.
-Represents the State of Connecticut in the Woman’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in local, regional, national, and international competition.
-Serves as role models to girls of all ages through their strength, health, and diversity.
-Instills a sense of family, loyalty, hard work, and competitiveness in all of their skaters.


Other groups we support