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About Us

Greg & Johnny B.

The Devil's Gear Bike & Board is a shop that represents our community, specializing in micro-transportation. Our goal is to move people forward. 

In 2001, our founder, Matthew Feiner, saw the need for a community bike shop -- a shop that would treat everyone like a friend no matter how knowledgeable they were about bikes, how expensive their bike was, or their level of fitness. When Matthew set out to create this space, The Devil's Gear was born. 

Today the shop is run by Johnny B. & Greg, two longtime members of the Devil's Gear family. Together, these two -- and the rest of our staff -- are building on the foundation that Matthew provided, and offering even more!

In 2021, we brought skateboards into the mix, transforming The Devil's Gear Bike Shop into The Devil's Gear Bike & Board. 

Thank you to every member of The Devil's Gear family for a wonderful 20 years. Here's to 20 more, moving people forward. 

-Team TDG